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aaaaannnnnddd scene!

It's always interesting to me how different a television ad can end up being from the original storyboard. In this case my storyboard was part of the original pitch to client. I then didn't hear anything about it till it aired recently, and I can only imagine how many revisions and rewrites it went through to get to here. I was very impressed with how the running on all fours was handled. Done even slightly differently it could have looked ridiculous.

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got cheeks

I'll do this sometimes, I'll try(emphasis on try) work in an artist I admires style. I find it helps me figure out new ways of thinking and approaching drawing. I do it just for me, I'm not planning on cashing in on other peoples styles(especially ones as truly original as this), it's just a bit of fun.

This is my attempt at drawing the monkey king in a 'gallowayesque' style, I don't think I get near the awesome awesomeness that is cheek's work, but that really wasn't the point of this excercise. Do yourselves a favour and check out his blog, and buy his sketchbooks they're amazing.

Oh and Sean if you read this... please don't hit me ;)

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Friday, July 27, 2007


This is part of a poster I finished a while back. There are three more to do for the campaign. I'd love to show it in full but as the agency hasn't been able to give me the go ahead yet I'm just going to play it safe.

The process of creating this look was basically drawing the entire thing in pencil on A1 paper and then working into it in photoshop once it was scanned. Then some texture was dropped onto it and VOILA, circle-circle-spiderman kiddies

Mr Drawerist

I'm not sure how far and wide this campaign is spread at the moment, but if you live in the Johannesburg area, you might have seen a few of these Mr Men billboards I did, for Virgin Atlantic, around. The creative team's(Network BBDO) concept is that the flights are so good that they effect the demeanor of particular Mr Men and change their personalities for the better. Mr Lazy feels rested and so works, Mr Grumble is happy, Mr Messy becomes tidy, Mr Grumpy smiles and so on.

Roger Hargreaves worked in advertising and actually drew all the original books with Magic Markers, so it was a lot of fun to try and recreate that look by hand. I worked quite small on regular A4 photocopier paper and then scanned really high res. I think the texture the scan picked up adds to the authenticity of the pieces. These were a lot of fun to do and only slightly harder to draw than they look ;)